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So I’m not really great at ~product reviews~ but THIS HAS TO BE SAID

I’ve never really been huuugggeee on fancy face-washes because they’re all very similar and I’ve never found any of them helpful really and tbh me washing my face is a lot of work (consider, I’m usually lower than whatever sink I have access to)

But my skin has been weird lately (big pores, blackheads, redness, zits?!) so I decided to invest in a facewash. I’ve loved Soap & Glory in the past, mainly because of their cute packaging and old-timey look, and I’ve used their body scrub and body butter and they were fantastic. I saw this facewash and it was like 10 bucks? and it says it shrinks pores and IDK it sounds good so I bought it

IT’S AMAZING. My skin looks GORGEOUS after this one use!!!! I feel like the little scrubby  beads in this took ALL the bumps and unevenness out of my skin. My skin is a little blotchy, but I think that’s just how it is (hopefully that’ll go away), and my nose blackheads are still there obviously, but my skin is SO soft and I genuinely feel like it’s going to help improve it over time :’)

10/10 would recommend!!!

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